SymphonyRx™: The fully customized “polypill”

SymphonyRx™ is a patented manufacturing system that combines computerized manufacturing technology and proprietary medication formulations to provide fully customized oral pharmaceuticals.


This system is designed to combine for each patient all of their drugs, vitamins and nutraceuticals in a minimum number of capsules to take for each dosing interval.

SymphonyRx™ products provide a unique solution to the problems associated with polypharmacy – the administration of multiple medications on a daily basis for chronic therapy. Non-adherence issues due to the complexity of regimens and the subsequent drug mix-ups have been well documented. Elderly patients are of the most concern due to the increased prevalence of multichronic conditions with age.

SymphonyRx™ is a transformative novel technology for the manufacture of pharmaceutical formulations. It is the first technology designed for “just-in-time” manufacture of pharmaceutical formulations for chronic therapy regimens. In contrast to manufacturing procedures used to date in the pharmaceutical industry, SymphonyRx™ employs many fewer unit operations and total quality control for each manufactured unit. The new technology is thus designed to control costs while increasing the quality of the manufactured products.

SymphonyRx™ has been granted patents in the U.S. and Japan. A patent application is under review in the E.U.

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