INSTA COMPOUNDING SYSTEM™ - A better way to administer oral medications

INSTA Compounding System™ is a patented technology for extemporaneously converting commercial tablets and capsules into high-quality custom flavored liquid medications. 

It is the safe and efficacious solution for human patients who have difficulties swallowing solid medications and for veterinary patients that are hard to dose. 

It is designed for use by healthcare professionals (pharmacists, nurses, veterinarians) at the point-of-care.

Revolutionary Technology

INSTA consists of an automated table-top milling unit, special disposable plastic containers, and flavor sachets used for customization. 

INSTA employs a patented wet milling process, the core of P&C Pharma's technology, to convert tablets into uniquely smooth uniform textured products. As a result, the compounded liquid medications prepared with INSTA have superior palatability, enhanced physical stability and resultant better dose uniformity.

One or several tablets can be converted simultaneously in one container to prepare the formula needed for single or multi-dose therapy, allowing for flexibility of drug concentration and medication doses. Customization of the suspension (flavor and viscosity) is provided via the flavoring sachets. Contents of the sachets are added to the suspension in the same container employed for the milling process. Each full prescription preparation is completed in one operation in one disposable container which is also used for storage and dispensing of the medication.
INSTA eliminates the risk of drug carry-over which can occur with current manual compounding techniques that generally employ reusable equipment. INSTA involves an enclosed process and no cleaning procedure is necessary. This results in time efficiency gains and increased safety protection for the healthcare professional preparing the product.

Competitive Advantages

  • Easier dosing of medication.
  • Flexibility: drug concentrations / medication doses / flavoring / textures.
  • Time saving: fast automated process / no cleaning procedure necessary (enclosed process in disposable container)
  • System for use at the point of need: no delay in starting therapy.

Examples of INSTA's Versatility

  • A single-dose high viscosity caramel vanilla-flavored liquid formulation of enalapril can be compounded for a patient suffering from Parkinson’s disease in an assisted living facility. The formulation can be dosed with a spoon.

  • Low viscosity non-flavored single-dose liquid formulation of rifampin can be prepared for a patient who has to be dosed via a nasogastric tube. The formulation can be prepared at a nursing station or in the pharmacy in any hospital.

  • A multi-dose strawberry-flavored high-concentration ibuprofen liquid formulation can be compounded for an adolescent with a fever and a severe throat infection. The formulation can be administered via a dosing spoon and is compounded in a retail pharmacy.
  • A salmon flavored formula of metronidazole can be prepared for a cat with an infection in a veterinary clinic. The dose is administered by placement on the food ration. 

  • A chicken flavored formula of amoxicillin can be prepared in a veterinary hospital for a small dog with an infected injury. The formula is fully adjusted to the dog's body weight. The dose can be administered via oral syringe. 

Protected Technology

INSTA has been granted patents in the U.S., E.U, Canada and and Japan.

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