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P&C Pharma’s technologies are designed to provide patients with personalized dosage forms specifically produced for their individual needs. Our products make the administration of medications easy and thus enhance therapy and improve patient outcomes.

Tablets and capsules are the most common commercial medication dosage forms, but they are not suitable for a variety of classes of patients who have difficulty swallowing or cannot swallow.

Those patients are:

  • Surgery, trauma and severely ill patients in hospitals. Specifically ICU patients with naso-gastric enteral feeding tubes
  • The elderly being cared for at home, under hospice care and in assisted living facilities
  • Pediatric patients including neonates
  • Persons suffering from stroke, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases
  • Patients suffering from swallowing disorders (dysphagia)

We answer the need of those patients with our first patented innovation, QuartetRx™. QuartetRx™ is an automated device designed for pharmacists to transform tablets and capsules into high-quality custom flavored liquid medications at the point of care. Learn more about QuartetRx™.

Our second patented innovation is SymphonyRx™. The product is a computerized manufacturing system with proprietary formulations of medications. SymphonyRx™ combines for each patient all of their prescribed medications into a minimum number of capsules for each dosing interval. The dose of each medication can be precisely adjusted to the patient’s need. We are bringing full customization to the concept of the “polypill”. SymphonyRx™ is the first technology to provide total customized products using just-in-time manufacturing procedures that result in lower costs. Learn more about SymphonyRx™.


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