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A recent study showed that only 10% of cat owners and 30% of dog owners succeed in medicating their pets correctly. Owners often struggle to dose their pets for several reasons:

  • The pet will not swallow the tablets or capsules and will spit them up.
  • The medication formulations are not palatable (bitter taste, unappealing smell, gritty products).
  • The pet does not like to be restrained. Cats in particular are almost impossible to pill.

Drug dosing compliance of pets is a major concern for veterinarians and healthcare authorities (American Animal Hospital Associations study: “The Path to High Quality Care”, 2002 and 2008 reports). Veterinarians are seeking ways to improve drug therapy compliance for their patients and pet owners are looking for easier dosing options.

We answer this need with our first patented innovation QuartetRx™. QuartetRx™ is an automated device designed to extemporaneously transform tablets and capsules into high-quality custom flavored and uniquely smooth palatable liquids. Each formula is prepared based on the individual patient’s need at the point of care. Pharmacists will prepare flavored liquid medication formulas and provide the products to the pet-owners for dosing the feline and canine patients at home. Learn more about QuartetRx™.


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